Iron Lofts - HELP!!!

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Currently playing TM R7 irons and was thinking about getting AP2 712 irons but noticed the lofts on these clubs are about 2-3 weaker than my TM irons.  So does that mean I would be hitting the AP2's higher which would make me lose distance.  I play a stiff flex on the TM's and will get regular shafts in the AP2's.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Lou G

2-3* weaker is theoretically 5-7 yards diff given the same shaft.  

Regular shafts would hit higher vs stiff shafts but you may gain distance with the former.

AP1 irons are 2* stronger vs AP2 712 (and that has the same loft as DCI 981). 


Mahalo!!  Lou : - )