adjusting a scotty cameron long putter big sur adjustable

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william h

I have a lot of scotty cameron putters. I recently bought an adjustable big sur adjustable putter 46 to 52.5 in. How do you adjust it? Do you need a wrench to tighten? Thanks

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Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Hi William,  The adjustable putters both mid and long were developed to help accounts fit players into length for mid and long putters.  They are non conforming for play and are hand tightened. 

william h

Thank you for the quick reply. I would think if you adjust the putter before the round it would be conforming just like your adjustable driver and 3 wood. My putter has a hole with the word lock and I can,t turn it by hand and don't want to break it.  I was wondering if there was some sort of key or tool that locks the hand turned device in place. Thanks