Team Titleist Bag Tag

That would be sweet! I saw on Instagram someone posted they got one. And it had a picture of it with a letter from Titleist. I want one. Idk how to get it. I guess I'm just not lucky enough

I still haven't got one...

Thanks, TT, for the bag tag.  I've attached it to the bag in a prominent location.  

Ivan K

What do u have to do to get a bag tag?

It is like believing in Santa.  I went to my mailbox and it was there.  Stay committed to TT and have faith. 

Next year I'm going to have more faith for the trip to Titleist West for the new bag in December.....

Thanks Team Titleist for the bag tag. Was a big surprise to find it in the mail. It will be displayed with pride on my '13 titleist Mid size Staff Bag. 

Mine is on the bag.  Nice suprise.  Thanks

 i just got mine too


i just got mine too ....

Me too!  Thanks much!

Thanks Team Titleist received my bag tag.

One of those would look great on my bag.

Got mine too...Thank you Titleist Teams

Haven't got mine yet, but hopefully soon. We are away from home and the forwarding process  by our USPS is something left to be desired.

How did u get a bag tag?????

darren t

Just got my Team bag tag. Thanks!

so if its no a lanyard it's a bag tag. I hope TT has enough for everybody or else there are going to be some upset memebers