What's your lowest score ever?

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Mine is 75, then the injury bug hit (Low Back Fusion and Knee Replacement), now I've settled back into the 80"s and that might be all I can get with my restrictions now. But I love the game and I love my Titleist equipment.

William L

my best was at Bear creek in Houston i shot an 82 it was my first time playing, then I took some lessons and learned how i was supposed to play, since then 113 is the best I have ever done and that was at Auborn Hills in the Wichita Ks area last week.

Anthony D

74,which at the time was 6 shots better than my previous best score of 80 and that was with 3 3 putts. it just so happened to be 3 weeks after i got my 712 AP2's....coincidence??? i think not. now i routinely shoot in the 70's and im staring 60's in the face if only i can master the deadly art of putting :/


Josh G


The best is 63 (-9) and have been 64 a number of times.

Was that your round with no 5's?

No 5s on that card Josh! That is another stat, I try to get at least 1 round a year with nothing higher than 4 on the card.

Gabriel G

My best score is 79.  Funny I was not paying attention to my score.  Just paying attention to each hole.  Hit it and then walk down the fairway and then hit it again.  If not make the green tried to chip it close.  The ProV1X feels great when putting, well it feels great on every shot!  :)  I think if I just focus on each swing I will score better.  Oh and course management does not get enough credit.

Ray H

Although not my actual lowest score, I shot an 80 - with a snowman on an easy par 4, and I doubled the next hole because I was still upset. So, six over on two holes and only two over for the rest. Wish I could have had those two holes over.

Edward K


Had to share this! 66 was also my best tournament score and on that day the guy I was playing with shot 62. So I started the day 3 behind the leader, shot 66, and lost 4 shots. That day I realized I should find a real job!!!.....LOL

Matthew P

mine is a 75 with a TEAM TITLEIST PROV1 !!!!

Renatto S

Best round was 69 shot a week ago...
Then backed it up with an 80. Golf man

Ryan P

I've had so many great rounds so far but my best was the second round I played with my new titleist clubs. My best score ever was a 87 I was on fire on the back nine it was a great for team titleist!!

Kevin H

Shot an 84 one hot, humid day here in NE Florida about 20 years ago, and followed it up the next day with an 85.  That was when I was able to hit the range a couple times a week.

This winter I was able to shoot a 37 on the front nine at Windy Harbor at Mayport Naval Station here in Jacksonville (Par 72) on a day I wasn't thinking . . . Just playing golf.  Interesting feeling of playing without worrying about the score. Didn't know I shot the 37 until we made the turn.  Think I ended up 12 or 13 over by the time we finished but was a good day of golf ! ! 

James S

Shot my first sub 70 round this month at Stevinson Ranch near Merced, CA! 69 with 5 birdies and 2 bogies and hit 13/14 fairways.

Mike C

Best round for me ever has been a 75.  Handicap seems to be creeping back up as of late... I guess I need to spend some more time on the range.  Getting two great nine's to line up always seems to be the problem. 

One of the more interesting scorecards was a couple of years ago where I shot a 53 on the front nine followed up with a 33 on the back nine for a 20 stroke difference between the nines.  At least it wasn't the other way around.  Talk about consistency!

Rex F

Edward Boy that is bad luck...I was lucky in that it was only a one day event ...I was in the last group and posted the best score...A couple of guys had shot 67 and thought they would be in a playoff..hated to disappoint them :)


I broke my record of 68 last fall with a 67 (Par 72 - 70.4 Rating/123 Slope).  I am just now getting my handicap below 6 for this year, but I am looking forward to trying to beat it before the season is over... well, at least equaling it. :)