Titleist 913Fd Order Mess up

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Alex C

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I have something that happened to me that I want to bring to the attention of some of the golfers on this forum. I want to inform all Titleist users of something a reputable golf store did to me yesterday. I ordered a 913Fd with a Diamana S+ Blue 72 stiff shaft, and an inch shorter than standard 2 weeks ago. I received the club last week but the store messed up my order and ordered it with a Kai'li 61 stiff. I informed the store manager that his staff ordered my club incorrectly, and they relayed that they would reorder it with Titleist.

So I stop by there yesterday, and the reps there inform me that my order had come in. The head was wrapped in the bag and the labels were all on it. So I took it home and didn't notice something funny about it until then. The hologram on the shaft was covered up by the grip, and unlike my first order that was sent with the incorrect shaft, the weight was the standard red dot instead of black dot. On top of that the serial numbers on the shaft and head don't even match and when I called Titliest this morning, a Titleist rep confirmed that the serial numbers on both indicate that they are not from the custom department, but rather from 2 separate clubs.

I just want to throw this out there, and I want everyone to be aware of evaluating their clubs before they take them home or play them, so they don't get screwed like I did.