Breaking 40 for 9 holes (par 37)

Shot a 39 on a 3100 yard 9 hole layout this weekend (front 9 at Admiral Baker South in San Diego).

Way to go Lou!

Congrats, keep working hard and it'll get easier.

Two par saves and a birdie on a par 5 that slammed into the hole. 


Nice job indeed.  Keep those scores down there!!   It becomes habit formimg.   Good Luck.

Congratulations! Keep up the good scores.

Good job Lou!!!

 Chris S

Titleist33 post:

Very nice Lou,keep working hard.


Thanks TT members and I owe it all to an odd-ball set of clubs and a short game that has gotten better since going to all SM4 wedges. 

Next step: Riverwalk Friars!   (one less par 5 and longer par 4s) .  

One of these years Torrey Pines (have to get around to purchasing a city card).