1st Ace - Titleist ProV1 - RI State Am

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Brian D

I finally got my 1st ace during the RI State AM. It was on the 16th hole, a 168 yard par 3 at Quidnessett CC in North Kingstown RI.

I couldn't have done it without the equipment I use that gave me the confidence to know the ball would perform. I used a 712 MB 7 iron.


Well done Brian. Don't forget to register it with Titleist (they will send you a pretty nice metal bag tag).

Josh G

Great work, and in a state AM to boot!  Cheers to your HIO


What a memorable first ace!  Way to go Brian! 

Definitely submit your HIO story!  http://www.titleist.com/teamtitleist/b/hole-in-one-stories/default.aspx

Cathy E


I love hole-in-one stories.

Mike C

Congratulations Brian!  Great time to get a hole in one at your State AM.  The only down side is that there were sure to be alot of people around when you were buying drinks!

Ron M.

Congrats on your HIO.....did the swing feel as good as the results....how many bounces and how long of a roll-in...Love that feeling when a flush strike turns into a memory...


Congratulations Brian!  Great shot!

Brian D

Thank you very much!

It was a good swing.  It was a front pin location on a two tiered sloping front to back green.  The ball came in from the right side and hit the split on the sloping and spun backwards just enough to catch the slope and roll back down and right into the hole.

Great feeling, hope its not my only one...I guess I'm getting greedy now.


Brian D

Playing 18 today, October 13 and was on the 15th hole. The pin was 154 away and I pulled a 8 iron, I'm back to using my AP2's. I was also playing with a sleeve of Pro1x', number 1 as always and hit it to about 3 feet in front of the hole, only to watch it disappear.

My oldest son was caddying in the group and it was the 1st one he has ever seen

2nd ACE in 2013, 1st during the RI AM with my wife watching and 2nd one with my son watching. Certainly tells me my family has something to do with these!

Thanks Titleist for giving me a ball and club I can trust for my game.



Congrats again Brian.  2013 has been your year for sure.


Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Awesome!! That has to be such a treat to have your son with you...  Congratulations!

Brian D

Cathi, thank you very much for the kind words.  I really have to give most of the credit to both my son for bringing my the good fortune and secondly, the clubs and balls I play, both Titleist of course.  They provide me with the confidence I need to know that I have the best in the game and can count on them to perform.

Thank you very much!



Tyler H

Congrats on the Ace Brian. Quite the year you are having