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I'd like to thank Vokey Design for a beautiful Yardage Book Cover that I have just secured from

Can't wait to use it.


I have to say, this is certainly a privilege. To be fitted by Sir Voke for free!!! What da? This is too good to miss. 

El Gato

Does this have any pocket on the inside? Or does it look like the picture that leaked a few weeks ago like this...



 I just signed up for the vokey experience...cant wait to meet him!

Mike C

Just signed up for the Vokey experience hand ground fitting later this year.  What a great opportunity for regular guys like us to be fitted by Mr. Vokey himself!  It's cool opportunities like this that really demonstrate how Vokey and Titleist engage and give back to their customers.  Excited and can't wait!!

Todd T


 I just signed up for the vokey experience...cant wait to meet him!

i just did as well, how cool will this be, that 20 minute drive is gonna fly by!

El Gato

Sorry picture didn't work, any info on pockets in the yardage book?


Hi, I don't think there are any pockets. There are 3 elastic straps and a pencil holder.


Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Not only did have some cool new releases, check this out:.

Bob is offering the opportunity to get three hand ground wedges and to spend one on one time with him to be fit for those wedges.

I signed up this morning for the Vokey Wedge Experience! I am so excited to meet him and get fitted by the Master! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Go Voke!!

Mitchell C

They are already sold out on the Vokey website.  Does anyone know if they will be making more available for order?