Thank you Titleist!

A big Thank You to Mike and Liz from Team Titleist! We had a great day at Streamsong. New equipment looks and feels great,  can't wait to get them in the bag. 

Yes, what a great day for a Titleist fan/golfer.  One i'll always remember.  Thanks for a wonderful day!

It was a great day indeed!  Glad I got to participate!

Looking forward to the Texas outing.  How many players did you have? 

Anyone have any pictures? Would enjoy seeing the group!

I think Liz took some and I would like to add my accolades to the Team Titleist crew........What a FIRST CLASS EVENT!!!!!!!! if you get an invite do what you have to do to attend, (well maybe not quit your job or get a divorce) but short of that make it happen,you will not be disappointed. 

We had a total of 14 including Mike DePaolo and Liz Valicenti from Titleist and Joe (Advanced Fitter from Bloomingdale Golfers Club).

This is Mike...



Here is Joe....  Sorry, none of Liz  :-(


Par 3 sixth... We played it at 180 yards. 

It was a great day! 





Here are a few pics from the event.  It was a blast!


That Par 3 is a great hole! Very visually imtimidating....

Great looking course, glad to hear you all had a blast.  Definitely not your typical Florida layout.

Thanks for sharing the pics...looked like a great day!  Cannot wait to attend the San Diego event in December!! 



Now that's the way to have an Invitational!  Looking forward to a great day at Wolfdancer next month.  Hope our pictures can compare favorably to those of Streamsong.

Thanks for the photos.  Looking forward to attending the TX event.