Lost my 7 iron

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Skylar T

I just lost my 7 iron yesterday and I could not find it today.  Does anyone have any good ideas on where to find a replacement? 

Christian J

If its a Titleist club I would recommend talking to your Titleist rep.  If it's not I would check eBay first, sine they tend to sell some spare irons on their.  Also you could try ironfinder.com.  One of those should work for you.

Andrew W

You can check golfsmith too. Or Play it again sports.


What type pf 7-iron did you have?  The 1st thing I would do is check with the club.  Chances are someone found it and turned it in.

A good idea is to have stickers with your name and club listed on it.  I ordered a set of DCI Black irons back in the 90's from Titleist and the set came with these shaft band stickers - not sure if it was part of the order, or from the club pro.  Either way, it was a nice feature.

Skylar T

I found it! Thank goodness.  The maintenance workers found it the next day and had it in the maintenance shed.  Thanks for the idea Todd, I think i will do that.