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caleb s

I am a sophomore currently attending Ball State University, while majoring in Business, (operations management). I am currently wondering if there are anyways to get a job for Titleist or other companies out of college in my degree. I have a great passion for golf and would love to be apart of a golf association for the rest of my life. If someone could inform me on the opportunities out there for my major. thanks

Caleb Shreves


I don't know about business, but I am finishing my degree this spring and planning on law school in the fall. I have an interest in Intellectual Property, and I noticed that Titleist has inhouse IP attorneys. I would like to pursue an internship in my 2L summer. Maybe that type of thing could help you get your foot in the door -- an internship. Think of it as an extended interview.

Cole R

I was wondering the same thing. Please let me know any information you find out...


caleb s

I mean I just want to work with golf for my life and anything I can get to get started on that would help.