Ordering a Scotty Cameron Custom Cover

Can anyone tell me if it's possible to get the 2012 "Happy Face" putter cover for my Golo S?  I saw it in the archive section of the Scotty Cameron site.

It's possible, but likely expensive.  Check e-bay or the like


Link to available headcovers for Golo S in Scotty Custom Shop.

Theres a lot of  Scotty Cameron websites where you can buy tour Scotty's and special accessories (clocks, head covers, pivot tools etc). I'll put the links to two good ones at the bottom ("What the pros play" and "The art of putters").

Hope this helped!





It was a scottycameron.com release for the US Open.  There are several available on cameroncollector.com and ebay.com

Cole, there are some available now in the Custom Shop on ScottyCameron.com that you can send in a putter and they will send you back a headcover with your putter.  This is the best and most cost effective way of getting one.  I agree, it is a gorgeous headcover! 

Good Luck!

Cole, I agree with Chris that the Custom Shop at ScottyCameron.com.  Although you will no longer find the 2012 happy faces cover available, there are several new options offered through the custom shop.