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Antonio V

Anybody know how to DELETE scores from the previous year so you can track this years socres and stats???  Thanks

Team Titleist Staff

Rick V


You can delete scores, or make adjustments if you mistakenly enter incorrect information, by navigating to SCORES under the MY GAME section of Team Titleist. 


Just click on the red Edit option of the score in question and make any necessary updates. 

However, we would suggest that you not delete any scores.  Instead, you can filter your score data by clicking on the "Last 30 Scores" dropdown menu.  You can choose to look at and analyze all the scores you've enetered, just your 30 most recent scores, or the scores for a particular year.  So, in your case, just select "2014" and you'll be able to track your performance for 2014 exclusively.

Thanks.  Hope this helps.