Your Invitation to Lower Scores.

Many women golfers ask us questions about golf ball selection: How important is the golf ball to my score? Should I play a golf ball branded for women? What golf ball is best suited for my swing speed? We care about your game and want to help answer these questions.

Our passionate team at Titleist, from R&D, Operations, Marketing and Sales, is filled with men and women who understand your game. We conduct research with many golfers to identify both their performance needs and their product preferences (feel, color, etc.). This allows Titleist to design the highest performing and highest quality golf balls for all golfers.

We want to share the facts about golf ball performance and fitting and hope you find the information in this booklet helpful. Our goal is for you to have greater confidence, lower scores and more fun.


There’s only one piece of equipment you use on every shot: your golf ball. Every shot counts and so does your golf ball. Yet we often hear golfers say “I’m not good enough for the golf ball to matter.” Whether you shoot 70, 85 or 100, you still hit many good shots during your round. Playing with a high performance golf ball rewards your best swings, approaches and chips.

Many golfers also tell us they play with “whatever golf ball is in my bag.” Performance differences between golf ball brands and models are game changing, especially on short game scoring shots (short irons, pitches and chips). Playing with the same golf ball model every round eliminates this performance variation and is one of the keys to developing a more consistent game.

What Makes the Scoring Shots So Important?

Most scoring opportunities are created by shots to the green because the vast majority of them are approach shots, pitches, and chips. Golfers only use their driver about 14 times per round regardless of what they typically shoot. If your average score is 100, you will hit nearly 50 shots to the green and still only 14 drives. As seen in the chart below, as your score increases, so too do your scoring shot opportunities.

Many women golfers have trouble reaching the green in regulation. Searching for more distance, they select a very low spin, Surlyn®-covered golf ball that provides long distance yet makes it difficult to hold shots into the green. In most cases, the few extra yards in distance is still not enough to reach the green. Golfers who are distance challenged have many more up-and-down opportunities. Selecting a golf ball like Pro V1 will help lower your score through not only exceptional distance, but more importantly, the best scoring performance in the game.

Shots per round based on
average score

section 6 image
section 5 image

Should I play a golf ball branded for women?

Every Titleist golf ball is designed for women. The golf ball doesn’t know who is hitting it. It doesn’t know a golfer’s age, skill level, or gender. The majority of golf balls named “Women” or “Lady” are two piece Surlyn®-covered golf balls that offer long distance, cut-proof durability and a low price. These golf balls are very low spin and do not provide the best scoring performance on shots into and around the green. On scoring shots, low spin distance balls tend to land, release and run through the green. When you’re trying to play your best, choose a golf ball with more spin and stopping power. Golf balls like Pro V1, Pro V1x, NXT Tour or NXT Tour S all provide outstanding distance and offer more stopping power to help you shoot your best scores. These models also have softer covers than low spin distance balls, offering even softer feel.

What golf ball is best suited for my swing speed?

Ball fitting for swing speed is a myth. Whether you’re an LPGA Tour player or a lower swing speed amateur, you play a wide variety of shots during your round. Each of these shots requires a different swing speed. The graphic below helps illustrate this idea. Golfers of all different abilities share swing speed characteristics. For example, the speed of an LPGA Tour player’s mid-iron may be similar to your driver speed. A Titleist golf ball will perform as well on your drives as it does on an LPGA player’s short irons. If it only worked at one swing speed, then it wouldn’t work on all shots.

Swing speed comparison

section 6 image

Percentage of Putts Holed From Each Distance

section 7 women image

How can a golf ball used by an LPGA Tour Player be a good choice for me?

Even though LPGA players more consistently execute good swings, they are playing the same game. They still miss greens in regulation and have to get up-and-down. They also want to hit more shots closer to the hole. Whether you regularly shoot in the 80s, 90s or over 100, you are faced with the same types of scoring shots on your approaches, pitches and chips.

The difference between LPGA players and many amateurs is that LPGA players prioritize golf ball performance on these scoring shots. Consistently playing with a high performance ball gives all golfers the best opportunity to hit more greens in regulation and hit shots closer to the hole. Amateurs and pros alike make a higher percentage of 3 foot putts than 12 foot putts.

You put a lot into your game

Every round you get to play is an invitation to gain more enjoyment from the game. Sometimes it’s the friendly competition of a weekly league. Other times, it’s that casual round with friends or family and the precious camaraderie it brings. Or maybe you simply enjoy the serene experience of playing alone at sunset and the appreciation of a well-struck shot. Whatever your motivation, we want to help you play better and enjoy the game even more.

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Best Scoring Performance

Best scoring performance for all golfers, very soft feel.
Pro V1 performance with low long game spin and higher flight
Softer arrow Longer

Excellent Scoring Performance

NXT Tour performance with softer feel
Excellent scoring performance exceeded only by Pro V1 and Pro V1x, and lower spin.
Softer arrow Longer

Good Scoring Performance

Distinctly soft compression feel with long distance.
Fast ball speed and low spin for explosive distance.
Softer arrowLonger

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