The larger diameter, 15" long Dual Balance grip is designed to be gripped down to place the shaft weight above the hands.

+50g Heavier Head

The 50g heavier head (400g total) balances the 50g shaft counter weight to slow the stroke and provide ideal weight, feel and performance.

50g Shaft Weight

The 50g counter weight is placed in the butt of the putter shaft above the hands to provide stability without anchoring.

Newport 2 Dual Balance

A modern blade with crisp back angles and
single sight line for refined precision.

GoLo 7 Dual Balance

Elegant, easy to align mallet with a clean,
rounded profile and curved back design.

Futura X Dual Balance

High MOI mallet with advanced perimeter stability weighting and T-shaped sight lines.

Futura X5 Dual Balance

Modern, wing back mallet with vertical and horizontal sight lines for alignment.

Scotty Cameron Putters

  • Scotty Cameron Select

    Design, craftsmanship and performance from decades of work with the world’s best players define the Select line of Scotty Cameron putters.

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  • Scotty Cameron GoLo

    Scotty Cameron GoLo mallets feature elegantly rounded profiles and Select weighting technology for exceptional balance, stability and roll.

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  • Scotty Cameron Futura X

    Scotty Cameron Futura X mallets feature advanced perimeter weighting for unmatched stability and a great roll.

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