My Ace in the Hole

Cloudy, foggy, with a light mist coming down, the usually intrepid Sunday golfers were worried about thunderstorms. After rolling in a 30 footer on the first hole to save par, and getting beat by a birdie, I was wondering if was going to be worth challenging the weather. It was cart path only, and I knew I'd be doing a lot of walking across wet fairways.

On the second hole, par three, I was hitting last, with only one ball on the green so far. I took an easy swing. The ball had a little draw and hit the middle of the green. Everybody started talking about how good it looked, and when it settled and started tracking right toward the hole and we got a little more excited. When it disappeared, we looked at one another, not sure if it went in, but we couldn't see a ball near the pin. Between the light mist and fog, I was cautiously optimistic, and a little fearful, thinking about a huge potential bar bill. Two of the guys started telling me they were getting thirsty already.
One of my buddies walked to the pin, turned around smiling, and said, "Come get your ball, ace." It was great !! Even the bar tab was worth it. Titleist NXT: my ace in the hole.

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