My Greatest Valentines Day Ever

My Greatest Valentines Day Ever

It was a warm sunny february day in South Carolina at our home golf course Charwood CC. it was also valentines day and I was using my 9 iron, 95yards, teed up my title list Pro V1x and I hit that ball pretty good to me and while it was up in the air I was screaming at he top of my lungs GET IN THE HOLE!! and still in the air and while I was screaming I looked up and saw that my dad was screaming dropped everything running full speed (i have never seen my dad screaming and run at the same time) and I was like it went in didn't it he said yes! and I cried and called my mom to come on out. We were expecting her to take the golf cart but instead she ran full speed. When I got up to the hole my golf ball wasn't all the way in the hole so I had to tilt the flag back so the ball would fall into the hole. At that moment I thought of all the years and hours of practice and the feeling of achievement overwhelmed me. In disbelief I looked down towards my ball and I noticed the words on my ball "Dry Ball Happy Ball" written in red for valentines day. I began to smile knowing that i was blessed with the absolute best valentines day ever.

Jalen C. 10 years old

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