First Ace

First Ace

While the 95th PGA is in my hometown at Oak Hill Country Club , I had to play in my golf league on Thursday night. I was having a fairly good round when we came to the 17th hole, a 156 yard uphill par 3. I said to my partner how about a hole in one, he said why not. He preceded to put his ball up on the green left of the hole. I stepped up and hit a perfect 7 iron with a nice tight draw from right to left. The Pro V !x landed softly, bounced once and headed toward the flag stick. All of a sudden the ball disappeared, I thought this can't be, I looked through my range finder and didn't see anything behind the stick. We couldn't wait to get up to the green. We walked to the hole and there it was my Pro V1x #4 laying at the bottom of the cup. Thanks to Titleist for making a great ball. I might add that I am just south of sixty and seem to be getting better at a game I love. Also, I will be heading to the PGA on Saturday the 10th of August to catch some of the amazing golf on an amazing golf course.

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