Inside the Titleist Tour Van

Last week from THE PLAYERS, we showed you some of the custom putter covers and grips available in the Titleist Tour Van, as well as the new Tour Van that made its debut in Korea. We thought you might be interested in a closer look at some of the other features of the Van that services the PGA Tour. Hope you sure to let us know if you have any questions! -- Steve Mata

Outside view of the Titleist Tour Van.

Another outside view of the Titleist Tour Van.

The #1 ball in trash talk required.

A nice place to relax or eat inside the Tour Van.

A couple of clubs on the rack ready to be worked on.

Some of the tools required to shaft and grip clubs.

More tools of the trade. Notice the stamping set behind the scale as well as the custom bending jig for the 15° 906F2.

One of the Van's bench grinders. has been updated with a fantastic photo slideshow featuring Scotty's recent trip to TPC Sawgrass for THE PLAYERS. The slideshow can be launched from this page on Scotty's website.

Acushnet Korea Debuts Tour Van

The Titleist Tour Van debuted in Korea at the Maekyung Open, May 1, 2007. The Korean Tour Van is equipped with the same fitting options and machines as the Titleist Tour Van that supports the U.S. PGA Tour. At its launch, Titleist provided services and products to over 120 players who participated in the Maekyung Open, including 72 Korean players and 50 Asian Tour players. The Tour Van was well received by the participants and widely covered by the Korean media who had an opportunity to view it. While the Titleist Tour Van contributes to Titleist brand-building, its main purpose is player support by providing a wide array of services to improve player performance.

Wally Uihlein, Chairman and CEO of Acushnet Company, helped celebrate the launch of the Titleist Tour Van in Korea. (From L to R are Titleist Tour Representatives YG Kim, George Shay and Philip Choi; Titleist Tour Technician David Southworth; Korean PGA Tour players DoHoon Kim, DoHoon Kim, KyungTae Kim and SoonSang Hong; Wally Uihlein; Kevin Haglof, Vice President, Acushnet Asia Pacific; Korean PGA Tour players J.K. Mo, JinHo Choi and SungHoon Kang.

We thought we'd share a few more photos from the practice putting green and with Scotty Cameron highlighting the final day of preparations for THE PLAYERS. The TPC creation below is the handiwork of Titleist Tour Rep Jim Curran. It has become a weekly tradition for Jim to come up with a daily design that is applicable to the event or city in which the Tour is playing. Jim is seen in the next photo talking with Stan Utley and a Tour player about some of the Scotty Cameron putters available to try out. Finally, we caught up with Scotty as he was working on the putter of a longtime Scotty loyalist in the Tour Van.

Jim's handiwork on display at TPC Sawgrass.

Stan and Jim talk shop with a Tour player on the practice green.

Some Detours and Newport Detours just waiting to be tried.

Scotty inspects one of his creations inside the Tour Van.

More Scotty Tour Putters

We posted an entry yesterday that highlighted the different headcover and grip options available in the Tour Van for Scotty Cameron putters. As you can imagine, headcovers and grips aren't the only things Scotty can customize for our guys on Tour. The Black X below is for Titleist ambassador and Tour winner Charley Hoffman. The Black X is a Tour model of the Red X that features a charcoal finish, Tour-only sole plate, and face with no insert. Charley's putter is 35" and has a red Winn grip. Be sure to check out often for updates and slide shows highlighting our involvement on Tour.

The Tour-only sole plate on Charley Hoffman's Black X putter.

Titleist Tour Representative Jim Curran preparing to make some
"special deliveries" to the practice green at THE PLAYERS.

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