On the Range with the 910 Drivers at the AT&T National

Posted: June 30, 2010

Player testing of the new 910 drivers is in full swing at the AT&T National. 

We caught up with Brendan deJonge, who summed up his first impression of the new 910 driver in a few words: “This is good. Really good.”

As Brendan continued to put the driver through its paces he was able to make a few quick tweaks to optimize his ball flight and get everything dialed-in on the range before heading out on the course.

Check out the video below to see more of Brendan’s feedback.



We also spoke with Greg Chalmers, who has found the new 910 "easier to launch." Hear his early review of the new 910 in the video below.



Be sure to check back with us soon as we’ll be releasing more exclusive content on the new 910 drivers that you can only find here on Team Titleist.

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Ryan Crysler

Totally awesome.  Wanna find out more about the differences between the 909 and the 910!

Luis H

they look real sleek. can't wait to rip one off!!

Luis H

is that a 7.5  degree?

wow how come they don't usually sell'em to the public?

i've seen 8.5 and above


Loving all the comments by the guys....From what they are saying it seems the sound is closer to the 975 line.  I can't wait for this driver to come out.....Any other info you have would be appreciated.

Delmer j

where can  I get 2 irons rechromed& when is the best season for this

Cyprien D

when it will come out  in singapore , can wait to hit this baby ...

Robert Sellman

Looks awesome! Makes me want a Titlest driver again...

Clint H

I want one!  Okay I want two!  When will they be available to the public?

Team Titleist

Hi Clint,

The 910 is still going through its Tour Validation process.  It has been very well received on the Tour so far and late fall may be the release date (though it has not been determined yet).  As more information about the specifications and launch of the 910 is released Team Titleist members will be the first to hear about it. So check back soon. Thanks.

- Team Titleist 

Robert Sellman

What would be the rrp of these? would it be similar to the 909 drivers?