Titleist Performance Institute - '4 Weeks to a Super Golf Game'

We receive a lot of questions here at Team Titleist concerning game improvement, covering a wide range of topics from proper golf ball and equipment fitting to practice drills and swing tips.

Not to be overlooked when it comes to playing your best golf, however, is physical fitness – and our friends at the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) are experts in this arena.  

TPI co-founders Dave Phillips and Greg Rose recently spent some time with Parade Magazine to provide a detailed view into the TPI methodology and share a few tips.  

Check out a few of the TPI video tips below and don't forget to click here to read the full article, "4 Weeks to a Super Golf Game."

Short-Game Fitness

Swing Style - Parts 1 & 2

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for more great information and educational material on how you can develop a more effective and healthy golf swing.

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1 Replies

  1. David Browning Certified Titleist Fitting Professional

    Yes indeed...physical fitness is a key to playing your best golf. Mr. Phillips is a great guy and I love watching his, and other, TPI shows, reading stuff on my TPI...Being a Titleist guy my whole life, I was very excited to hear about TPI coming out. Thanks TPI/Titleist !