Spotted on Tour: New Pro V1 and Pro V1x Prototype Golf Balls Hit the Scene in Las Vegas

The PGA Tour has returned to Las Vegas, the city famous for all its bells and whistles. On the range this week at TPC Summerlin, however, it's a delivery of plain white golf ball boxes that will have all our Titleist tour pros talking.

Care to guess what's inside?

Still thinking?

Enough of the build up, we’ll let you in on the scoop: This week marks the beginning of the tour seeding and performance validation process for the new Pro V1 and Pro V1x prototype golf balls on the worldwide professional tours.

After months of extensive player testing, Fordie Pitts and Jeff Beyers from the Titleist Golf Ball R&D team will be on site, with white boxes under their arms, ready to help players continue the testing and fitting process.

It's an exciting time at Titleist, as performance validation from the best players in the world is one of the final checkpoints along the way to launching a new product in the market.

Fast Fact: It was around this time 12 years ago that the first Titleist Pro V1 golf ball debuted in Las Vegas. Since then, nearly 235,000 players have teed up Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls in competition across the worldwide professional tours, as compared to just under 45,000 for the nearest competitor.

Stay tuned to Team Titleist as we will continue to provide you with more details and inside-the-ropes updates as the tour seeding and performance validation process continues.

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25 Replies

  1. Frank M

    When I order my Pro V1 x on line can order a couple of dozen with the same number?

  2. Nick M

    i got the newest sleeve of titleist ProV1x prototypes and they are great. the control and extra distance is awesome

  3. Titleist Fan 609


  4. Edward M

    Would love to test the new ball like I did last year.



  5. Ryan B

    Just got mine in the mail tonight. Can't wait to test em out

  6. Adam L

    can i get some?

  7. brooks w

    Well boys and girls I was lucky enough to be one of the choosen few to test the R&D little white box ball this weekend. All I can tell you is SHAZAM!!! The ball flies, stops and putts better than the preasent pro v and prov x. But mostly there is litle to no side spin so it's just point and shoot. I live in Colorado where the ball doesn't spin because of thin air and I was spinning this around the greens with approach shots and one hop stop pitch shots like I was using the old spin mill wedges. As you all know there were 2 types that went out, black numbers and red numbers. Mine are the red numbers, so take that in to account. What ever the color 6 birdies on a pleasent Sunday afternoon with three inside a foot, well you know___SAZAM!!!

  8. Adam R

    Would love to try some of the new balls titleist.

    Adam R

  9. Bill B

    Just tried the new prototype pro v1 in MN  It was only 50 degrees when I tested them. Sweet. Great ball again. Soft feel with great distance for those conditions. Can't wait to try them when it is warmer.

  10. Bob N

    TT....just finished a round with the new prototype.....completed my review.  Titleist, this ball is a WINNER........I enjoyed the opportunity to be part of the eval process.  I've played Titleist for years and will look for this new ball when it hits the market.  Thanks for letting us test new products.    Bob

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