We continue our trip down the 2013 highlight lane with a look back at Pro V1x loyalist Henrik Stenson's charge to the top of the FedExCup.

Henrik's win at East Lake capped off a season of success that featured two wins during the Playoffs (TOUR Championship and Deustsche Bank Championship) and Top 10 finishes in the 18 events he played on the PGA Tour. And let's not forget, he also claimed top honors in the European Tour's Race to Dubai.

Congrats again on an amazing year, Henrik!

Henrik Stenson Trusts Pro V1x to FedExCup Championship

Originally Posted September 23, 2013

In the twilight shadows of East Lake Golf Club, Pro V1x loyalist Henrik Stenson stood at the winner's presentation with two trophies in hand-- one for the Tour Championship and one for the FedExCup Championship.

"It was a great day, great week, and it's been a great year," said Stenson following the ceremony.

In a consistent performance at East Lake, Stenson posted a 13-under par 267 victory total, three shots clear of Titleist Brand Ambassadors Jordan Spieth and Steve Stricker.

Titleist golf ball loyalists accounted for more than half of the select 30-player field at the season-ending TOUR Championship with 16, including nine full product line Titleist Brand Ambassadors.

Stenson's win marked the 2,013th (2013) with a Pro V1 model golf ball across the worldwide professional tours since the Titleist Pro V1 was introduced to tour players in October 2000.

Titleist golf ball players have now earned 119 victories across the worldwide professional tours in 2013, more than three times the nearest competitor with 33 and more than all golf balls combined. In total, 17,875 players have teed up Titleist golf balls in competition on the 2013 worldwide professional tours, more than six times the nearest competitor with 2,651.

Triumphant against the best players on Tour, Stenson's late-season performance displayed an undeniable command of his entire game. And after this campaign, both his command and his determination have come to define the career of the big Swede.

Still, for Stenson, the victory is more than a defining moment of his career. "It shows that I never give up," said Stenson, who moves to No. 4 in the official world golf rankings.

• • •

PGA TOUR: Tour Championship

Stenson closed with a 2-under par 68 to win the event and the season-long FedExCup which carries the largest prize in golf ($10 million). It was the second victory of the FedExCup Playoffs for Stenson, who also won the Deutsche Bank Championship.

Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf ball loyalists swept each of the four FedExCup Playoffs events, as Stenson (Pro V1x) won the TOUR Championship and the Deutsche Bank Championship, while Zach Johnson (Pro V1x) captured the BMW Championship and Adam Scott (Pro V1) started off the Playoffs by winning The Barclays.

Jordan Spieth closed with a 64, and Steve Stricker closed with a 65 at East Lake. Fellow Titleist Brand Ambassador Webb Simpson, finished another shot back as Titleist players secured the top four positions on the leaderboard.

After becoming the first European to win the FedExCup Playoffs, Henrik would love to become the first player to win both the FedExCup and the Race for Dubai. "It's going to take some good play. I'm going to try my hardest to accomplish that."

What’s in Steve Stricker's Bag?: Titleist Pro V1x golf ball, 913D3 driver (8.5°), 910Fd fairway metal (13.5°), 913H hybrid (19.0°), AP2 irons (3-PW), Vokey Design Spin Milled sand wedge (54°) and SM4 lob wedge (60°).

What’s in Jordan Spieth's Bag?:Titleist Pro V1x golf ball, 910D2 driver (8.5°), 913Hd hybrid (18.0°), AP2 irons (4-9°), Vokey Design SM4 pitching (46°), gap (52°), sand (56°) and lob (59°) wedges, Scotty Cameron SC-009 prototype putter.

What’s in Webb Simpson's Bag?: Titleist Pro V1x golf ball, 913D3 driver (10.5°), 913F fairway metal (15.0°), 913Fd fairway metal (18.0°), 913Hd hybrid (20.0°), 680 irons (4-9),  Vokey Design SM4 pitching (48°), sand (54°) and lob (58°) wedges.

Next up for the Team Titleist year in review, we say hello to the Web.com Class of 2014.

Here is our post from earlier in the year that shines the spotlight on the 30 players who trusted Titleist Pro V1 or Pro V1x golf balls on their journey to the PGA Tour. Congrats, guys!

30 Players Trust Titleist to 2014 PGA Tour Promotions

Originally Posted on October 1, 2013 


In 2013, for the first time ever, 50 PGA Tour cards were made available through the Web.Com Tour – 25 for the Top 25 on the money list during the regular season, and another 25 for the top performing players (without a regular season promotion) during the Web.Com Tour Finals.

Amid all the changes, at least one thing remained constant: More players in pursuit of their PGA Tour status put their trust in Titleist when it mattered most. Among the 50 qualifiers for the 2014 PGA Tour schedule, 30 players relied on a Titleist Pro V1 or Pro V1x for their success, five times the nearest competitor with six and more than all other competitors combined. Additionally, 14 players chose Titleist throughout their bag.

Before the Web.Com Finals began, Titleist Brand Ambassador Chesson Hadley had already qualified for a promotion with his third place finish on the regular season money list. That didn't deter Chesson from winning the Web.Com Tour Championship by two shots. Another regular season Top 25 finisher, Titleist Brand Ambassador John Peterson caught post-season fire down the stretch to earn the No. 1 spot on the Finals money list.

Also in the finale, Pro V1x loyalist Lee Williams saved one of the most memorable shots for the final hole of the season. With a promotion on the line, Lee poured in a birdie putt from over forty feet on the 72nd hole Sunday to earn his card. For a complete recap of the Web.Com Tour Championship, click here.

Congratulations to the class of 2013 - 2014! Good luck on the PGA Tour this season.

Titleist Brand Ambassador John Peterson 
(Pro V1x)
Titleist Brand Ambassador Chesson Hadley 
(Pro V1x)
Titleist Brand Ambassador Ben Martin 
(Pro V1x)
Titleist Brand Ambassador Patrick Cantlay 
(Pro V1x)
Titleist Brand Ambassador Bud Cauley 
(Pro V1x)
Titleist Brand Ambassador Will Claxton 
(Pro V1x)
Titleist Brand Ambassador Brad Fritsch 
(Pro V1)
Titleist Brand Ambassador Mark Anderson 
(Pro V1x)

Titleist Brand Ambassador Tyrone Van Aswegen (Pro V1x)

Titleist Brand Ambassador Peter Malnati 
(Pro V1x)
Titleist Brand Ambassador Kevin Foley 
(Pro V1x)
Titleist Brand Ambassador Benjamin Alvarado (Pro V1x)

Titleist Brand Ambassador Andrew Loupe 
(Pro V1x)
Titleist Brand Ambassador Brice Garnett 
(Pro V1x)
Pro V1x Loyalist Daniel Chopra
Pro V1x Loyalist Miguel Angel Carballo
Pro V1x Loyalist Alex Prugh
Pro V1x Loyalist Lee Williams
Pro V1x Loyalist Chad Collins
Pro V1x Loyalist Kevin Kisner
Pro V1x Loyalist Heath Slocum
Pro V1 Loyalist Troy Merritt
Pro V1x Loyalist Brendon Todd
Pro V1x Loyalist Will MacKenzie
Pro V1x Loyalist Tim Wilkinson
Pro V1x Loyalist Alex Aragon
Pro V1x Loyalist Jim Herman
Pro V1x Loyalist Scott Gardiner
Pro V1x Loyalist Andrew Svoboda
Pro V1x Loyalist Edward Loar

It's that time of year when we start reflecting on all of the memories, milestones and accomplishments of the past 12 months and this usually leads to a Top 10 list of one kind or another. You might think this is an easy task, but each year it seems to become increasingly difficult to pick our favorite moments because there are too many to choose from.

But we're up to the challenge. And for 2013, we're going to shine the spotlight on 13 of our favorite posts from this year - in no particular order.

So without further delay, we bring you our first highlight of the year... Our trip to the Titleist Manchester Lane Testing Facility to get an inside view with the Titleist Golf Ball R&D team. Check out the original post from October 24, 2013 below.

VIDEO: The Moment of Impact. An Inside Look at Titleist Golf Ball R&D

For our Titleist Golf Ball R&D team, the goal is always the same: Design and develop the most consistent and best performing golf balls to help golfers shoot lower scores. It's a process focused on continuous improvement, fostered by many talented individuals working tirelessly behind the scenes.

Of course, there's also some really cool (and extremely sophisticated) test equipment that plays a role in continually making the best golf balls in the game even better.

Case in point: The Titleist R&D team recently fired up one of their mechanical robots to film golf ball impact footage, using a high-speed camera, at 22,000 frames per second.

The second we heard this was happening, we were inspired to bring you an exclusive insider’s view. So we grabbed our cameras, headed to the Manchester Lane Testing facility and met up with Paul Furze, Manager of Product Test Methods.

Paul's plan was to run through a series of tests and capture the moment of impact of different Titleist golf ball models across various ball speeds. Using the high-speed footage, the team could then analyze how the golf ball reacts to the force being applied and show the actual compression upon impact.

One result, as you will see in the video: "If you compare the 120 mph driver [ball] speed to the 175 mph driver [ball] speed, you'll see that the compression on the ball is really quite similar," said Furze. In other words, every player, no matter their swing speed, compresses the golf ball.

Check out the video for a closer look at this step in our R&D process and to see what happens to a golf ball at impact – and a few micro-seconds after impact... (Yes, we said micro-seconds.)

Just in case you were wondering, "What exactly is Product Test Methods Development?" Well, this team develops and maintains all of the test equipment used throughout the various stages of the process. From robotic swing machines and air canons to wind tunnels and advanced simulators, they’ve got it covered.

Pretty cool gig if you ask us.

You’ve just flagged your approach shot from the fairway and as you get closer to the green, you find your golf ball resting just outside of that tap-in range.

No need to worry, we’ve enlisted Titleist Brand Ambassador George Coetzee to help us turn those 4-footers into tap-ins. And as you will see in the video, George shares a favorite drill that he uses to reinforce success.

“Repetition is a big key for me,” George explained to us as he placed tees in the green on four points of the compass. “At each point, if you can make forty or fifty putts in a row, then you build your confidence and you learn to repeat a quite simple stroke.”

Watch the video above to hear what else George has to say and give this drill a try the next time you're out on the practice green.


The new Scotty Cameron Futura X Dual Balance mallet, a product of comprehensive putting research and golfer testing, provides maximum stability through the stroke and at impact from a high MOI, counterbalanced design.

The Futura X Dual Balance mallet features advanced perimeter stability weighting in the head and a standard length of 38 inches with a large diameter 15-inch grip that reduces hand action for a smoother, more stable stroke. A 50-gram counterweight in the butt of the putter shaft helps golfers make a proper stroke with the butt of the shaft pointed at the midsection.

“We’ve found, through our last 20 years of high speed video research with tour players, that the best putters in the world point the butt of their putter at their midsection throughout the putting stroke,” said Master Craftsman Scotty Cameron, whose putters have been the No. 1 choice of players on the PGA Tour since 1997 and counting. “From address, to the backstroke, at impact and through the forward stroke – the butt of the putter remains pointed to about the same 1- or 2-inch circle in their belly area.

“With Futura X Dual Balance, the goal was to slow down the butt end of the putter and keep it stable. If you have quick hands, drag the butt away, or you struggle to make a consistent stroke with a conventional putter, Futura X Dual Balance is a great option.”

The proper length of a Dual Balance putter is three inches longer than a golfer’s conventional putter length. Accordingly, the standard length of Dual Balance is 38 inches, three inches longer than the standard length of a conventional 35-inch Scotty Cameron putter. The large diameter Cameron Flat Front Winn grip has a colored section at the top that indicates the proper hand placement at 35 inches, which keeps the 50-gram counterweight above the hands for maximum effect. The 15-inch grip length also allows for multiple hand placement options and the ability to grip up or down, depending on the player’s preference.

“The higher we can get the butt weight, the more counterbalance effect there is,” Cameron said. “The additional three inches provides stability but keeps the putter unanchored.”

Precision milled from high-grade 6061 aluminum, the Futura X Dual Balance head utilizes a heavy stainless center section and stainless heel and toe to deliver a precise counterbalance with an extra 50 grams in the head and a 50-gram weight in the shaft. The overall headweight is 400 grams, 50 grams heavier than the standard Futura X.

“We developed numerous prototypes using various counterbalance weighting techniques and tested them with golfers at the Putter Studio and on the PGA Tour,” Cameron said. “When we introduced dual balance technology, the player feedback was extraordinary. It’s very balanced, it’s very controlled. It slows everything down and promotes a more flowing, lethargic stroke without the putter feeling too heavy. Some players have said it feels like an SUV versus a sports car.”

The Futura X Dual Balance head also features advanced perimeter stability weighting with four stainless heel-toe weights, two 20-gram weights on the rear balance bar and two 10-gram sole weights in the front corners of the putter. The resulting deep CG plus the perimeter weighting under the face creates forgiveness and solid feel for a great roll.

“That rear balance bar allows us to add considerable weight a fairly long distance away from the shaft axis, which is really what drives the high MOI,” said Cameron. “Can you get it too far back weighted? Absolutely. We put the balance point so it sets well and maximizes the MOI and the resistance to twist at impact on off center hits.”

The putter has a Frozen Titanium finish that helps reduce glare, two black sightlines and red cherry-dot weights in the sole and balance bar. The mid-milled face texture draws a crisp sound from the aluminum face and body. 

A double-bend, stepless steel shaft with one shaft of offset provides a square, technical visual at address.

The original Futura X head design was the direct result of Cameron’s extensive work with Titleist Brand Ambassador Adam Scott, who used a prototype version of the putter in winning the 2013 Masters Tournament. Scott, who has been using Cameron putters for more than a decade, calls his Futura X “the most stable putter I have ever played.”


• STABILITY through the stroke from the deep, perimeter weighted balance bar and high MOI design.

• SOLID FEEL AND FORGIVENESS at impact from the perimeter sole weights placed under the face.

• MINIMUM TOE FLOW through the stroke from the deep weights that create a force balanced face.

• COUNTERBALANCE from a 50g heavier head and 50g weight in the butt of the shaft that helps stabilize your stroke.

• REFINED COSMETICS with a Frozen Titanium finish and red-dot graphics.

• IMPROVED SOUND from the midmilled face texture.


• Loft: 3.5º

• Lie: 70º

• RH Lengths: 38’’

• LH Lengths: 38’’Head Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum and Stainless Steel

• Toe Flow: Minimum

• Neck: Double Bend

• Offset: One shaft

• Grip: Cameron Flat Front Winn

• Available in 1” lengths from 36-40”.

• Some lengths are custom order only.

• Custom Loft +/-1° Custom Lie +/-2°.

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