Team Titleist Shots of the Year 2012: Bubba Watson

From Magnolia Lane and Amen Corner to Butler Cabin and the Green Jacket, the Masters is rich in tradition around every corner. And when it comes to winning the Masters, it usually comes down to some serious Sunday drama.

In 2012, Pro V1x loyalist Bubba Watson added his own brand of excitement on Sunday with an epic shot out of the pine straw that was vintage “Bubba-Golf.”

Now you might think this 160-yard hook shot was his most memorable shot of 2012, but Watson surprised Team Titleist when he shared his actual shot of the year.

"Everyone thinks the hook-shot was the shot of the year, but it was the six-incher going in," said Watson.

"I had a lot of relief, I started crying a lot.”

Even so, Watson admitted the hook-shot was pretty cool.

With his Pro V1x sitting right of the fairway, on a bed of trampled pine straw, Watson did not have a great angle or lie for the biggest approach shot of his life.

"We were looking to just get it on the front of the green," added Watson. "The first thing I looked at was to make sure the lie was clean, so I could do the shot I wanted to pull. Knowing that the ball was clean gave me the confidence that the ball was going to react the way I wanted it to."

You’ll have to watch the video above to hear the rest of Bubba's story of the now legendary hook-shot.

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