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  • November 28
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Pro V1x

Pro V1


Titleist 9.5 Stiff flex


Titleist 913F 15* Stiff flex


Titleist 913H 21* Stiff Flex


Titleist AP2 4-W S300 Stiff flex

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  1. Last year

    Cliff S responded to a discussion

    Club Warranty

  2. Last year

    Cliff S started a discussion

    Titleist irons

    So after a brief stint with miz, I decided to come back to Titleist. My question is how long does it take Titleist to ship out half sets of irons? I bought the 917 driver,...

  3. 3 years ago

    Cliff S started a discussion

    M vs K grind?

    Can someone explain the difference between these 2 grinds?  I've got a 50 in the M grind, and I like it on full shots, but in the 56*, I have a hard time with...

  4. 3 years ago

    Cliff S started a discussion

    TVD Wedge?

    Is there anyway that I can order a custom TVD Wedge through Titleist, and pay for it through my local pro shop?