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Gerald T

  • Sylvan Lake, AB
  • August 10
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Gerald T's Bag


10.5 degree, PX8 6.5


15 degree, PX8 6.5


21 Degree, Ahina 90 X Flex


4-PW, 712 model, 1 degrees upright

Vokey SM6

SM6, 56-14, S400, 1 up

Vokey Design Wedges

60K, 60-04, S400, 1 up

Vokey SM6

SM6, 50-08, X100, 1 up

Gerald T's Activity

  1. 2 years ago

    Gerald T started a discussion

    MLB Titleist Hats

    Why are there no Toronto Blue Jay hats available for the MLB/Titleist co-branded hats? Would love to jump on the Blue Jay bandwagon and show my support for Titleist at the...

  2. 5 years ago

    Gerald T started a discussion

    910 FD Custom shaft = what 913 Shaft

    I was fortunate enough to go through a fitting in Oceanside, CA last spring. I was fit for a 15 degree FD with a Project X-8B4 6.5 shaft, standard length. I can't make...

  3. 6 years ago

    Gerald T started a discussion

    Custom Wedge Order

    What should typical turnaround time be for three custom SM4 wedges.  Specs as follows:  Tour Chrome finish, one bent 1 degree weak, all bent 1 degree upright, one1...