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Greg J

  • San Diego, CA
  • August 18
  • Gjake20
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Greg J's Bag

Pro V1x

Pro Vx


915 D4 MOTO; 10.5*, Rogue Silver, standard length, titleist grip


13.5, Diamata Kai'li, 60, lamkin REL


19*, Pro Force V2, Stiff, lamkin REL


710, project X 6.5, all clubs 1 degree up and 1 degree strong, lamkin REL

Vokey SM5

52, 56, 60 standard wedges

Vokey Design Wedges

52* standard shaft, flex, tour velvet grip

Scotty Cameron Other

Newport 2, 33", Scotty Cameron no cord

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  1. 4 years ago

    Greg J started a discussion

    Loft and Lie

    when I was fit for my 710 CB irons I was 1* strong & 1* up.  for example the standard spec for the 6 iron is Loft 31* , Lie 62.5*.  I have not had...