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  • March 9
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NXT Tour

I alternate between the pv1x and pv1 depending on course, climate and personal playing conditions


Club:10.5 set at B2 (2271195)/Shft: 70,3.2,Stf/Grip:GP Tour Velv.


Club: 15 set at B1 (1843616)/Shft: 55,Reg/Grip:GP Tour Velv.


Club: 19 Stnd Lie (1048704)/Shft: Titleist 4175 Reg/Grip: GP Tour Velv.

Vokey Design Wedges

52 deg,252.08,oil can, TT S300, GPTV (59HFD)

Vokey Design Wedges

54 deg,254.10,TT Stf,GPTV,(1657508) (Bounce Ground personally by B. Vokey)

Vokey Design Wedges

60 deg,260.04, TT Stf, GPTV, (2105756)

Scotty Cameron Other

Studio Style, Newport 1.5, 35", 4 deg lft, 71 deg lie

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  1. 3 years ago

    Jay S started a discussion


    HOLY COW!!! I just got a free sleeve of golf balls thanks to Team Titleist.  Not sure if I'm good enough to know the difference in any other ball, but free stuff is...

  2. 4 years ago

    Jay S started a discussion

    Growing the game

    I am very impressed with the movement of growing the game.  The USGA, PGA, and many other associations are creating and maintaining events, charities and camps, with...

  3. 4 years ago

    Jay S landed a hole in one!

    Full House with no Ace In The Hole

    I am a 31 year old SOP (Son of a Pro) who has played since I could walk. I am on average a 6 handicap and the best I have ever been. Having said that, I am still waiting on my...