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joe t

  • roseville, MI
  • February 28
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Pro V1x

"Birdie Boy" personalized # 24


13.5 Bassara 55 graphiite Shaft/ R Flex/B4 Shaft setting


19 degree, Diamana 72 R flex, A 1 setting


21 degree, Diamana 72 blue shaft, R flex, D 2 setting


Kuro Kage 65 Graphite Shaft / R Flex/ Standard lenght/ 5, 6 iron 1degree flat /Titelist grip

Vokey SM5

Vokey SM-5/ 10 degree bounce /M grind/ Standard lie lenght and grip

Scotty Cameron Other

Newport Select, 35" 10 Gram Weights

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    Pro V1 to Pro V1x Who Switched?

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    joe t responded to a discussion

    New ProV1x to old ProV1x

  3. Last month

    joe t started a discussion

    Winter Golf?

    Forecast for Michigan this weekend, upper 50's and sunny. I will be on the course comparing the new ProV1x vs. the new ProV1. I know I never golfed in Michigan in...

  4. Last month

    joe t started a discussion


    During the test last fall of the new Prov1x I was confused. More spin and Higher ball flight then what I was used to from my ProV1x. I had a hard time filling out my survey...

  5. Last month

    joe t started a discussion

    Calling a DQ

    Yesterday I, mistakenly posted twice on the Bag tag giveaway, see page 26. I posted from my cell phone while getting my oil changed, but from my phone it seem to not post....