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Mike C

  • Dallas, TX
  • September 13
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Mike C's Bag

Pro V1x

#2 with "MONEY $ BALL" imprint & TT Logo


9.5 Deg RIP alpha 74g 2.7


15 Deg Proforce V2 76g 2.2


21 Deg Proforce V2 89g 2.3

716 AP2

5 Iron thru W DG AMT X100

Vokey Design Wedges

SM6 64 T-Grind DG S200

Vokey SM6

SM6 Raw 60 M-Grind DG S200

Vokey SM6

SM6 Raw 56 M-Grind bent to 55 DG S200

Scotty Cameron Other

Circle T Futura X Dual Balance

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