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Paul H

  • Jefferson, MD
  • August 27
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Pro V1

Pro V1


909D2/10.5/Diamani/Reg/Std/Std/Tour Velvet


909F2/15.5/Diamani/Reg/Std/Std/Tour Velvet


909H/19/Diamani/Reg/Std/Std/Tour Velvet


AP1 710/4-W/steel/Reg/Std/Std/Tour Velvet

Vokey Design Wedges

54 degree/steel/wedge/Std/Std/Tour Velvet

Scotty Cameron Other

California Monterey/steel//Std/Std/stock

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  1. 4 years ago

    Paul H started a discussion

    Upgrade to 712/913 series or 714 series

    Currently playing the Ap1 710 irons and 909 driver/woods/hybrid. Regular flex. I usually purchase my equipment pre-owned to get the most bang for the buck. Looking to upgrade...