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  • Atlanta, GA
  • October 22
  • BlueSuedeQ
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7.75*, Ahina 72X, 45"


15*, RIP Alpha 80X, 43"


18*, Grafalloy Epic T90X, 42.5"


712 MB, 3-PW, X100, 1* weak

Vokey TVD

TVD SM5 54K, 60M, S300, 1* flat

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  1. Last week

    Q started a discussion

    Why does the MB have so much offset?

    I don't know a single blade player who wants offset, myself included, yet the MB has more offset than blades from competitors. Titleist is willing to have the smallest...

  2. 2 months ago

    Q started a discussion

    Should I bend 54K TVD to 52* or 56*?

    In the process of moving from a 48/54/60 wedge setup to 47/52/56/60, it occurs to me that it would be counterproductive to replace my 54K since it has a black finish and S400...

  3. 2 years ago

    Q started a discussion

    Question about shaft and swing weight for new 915F order

    I'm looking to order a new 915F 15*. If I get it with a Diamana White 80X at standard length and swing weight, what color weight will it come with? I ask because...

  4. 3 years ago

    Q started a discussion

    Upgrading from 913Fd 15* to 915F or Fd

    I'm looking to upgrade to the 915F or Fd from my 913Fd 15* w/RIP Alpha 80X. The main change I'm looking for is a touch more launch and spin when going for the green on...

  5. 3 years ago

    Q started a discussion

    Having your wedges all the same length?

    I've seen some people talk about having your 9 iron, PW, SW, and LW all the same length for a consistent address posture on full swings, especially since the standard lie...