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Ryan I

  • Saint Augustine, FL
  • July 13
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Ryan I's Bag


15 degree, 82X whiteboard, standard length, full cord tour velvet


910 h 19 degree A4 setting Ahina S

Vokey Design Wedges

TVD 50,56,60 M grind, K grind, KBS tour, standard, length/ 1 degree flat lie, full cord tour velvet

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  1. 5 years ago

    Ryan I started a discussion

    913 D2 Motore Speeder 6.2 TS order time???

    I just placed an order for a left handed 913 D2 8.5 with a Motore Speeder 6.2 Tour Spec. Didn't realize that the shaft was an exotic and not stocked by Titleist. I was...