Trevor W

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Trevor W

  • Broken Hill, NSW
  • December 6
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Trevor W's Bag


8.5, blue stiff, standard. C3 setting.


15o/A1/stiff/43.5/neutral 18g/golfpride


816 2/19o/blue stiff/Golfpride whiteout black


714/project pxi/5.5/0.5over/1o up/Golfpride white out

Vokey SM6

SM5 54o/11bounce/standard/stiff/standard/golfpride

Scotty Cameron Other

Notchback2/34in/customs shop us stamped

Trevor W's Activity

  1. Last year

    Trevor W started a discussion

    New equipment

    Is it a new tour bag a see Steve carrying for Adam Scott at this weeks Australian Open ? Also are the Titleist players using the new ProV models this week ? Thanks TW

  2. Last year

    Trevor W started a discussion

    816 Surefit performance guide

    Hello TT, VERY HAPPY TO SAY I HAVE JUST RECEIVED MY NEWEST WEAPONS - TMB 3 iron and 816 2 hybrid - I didn't receive a booklet with my hybrid to show the adjustment...