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Vegas In September

Peter H

Hi Guys, any thoughts on where to play in las Vegas in september, i know they overseed around this time. Are there any places that are still in good nick to play?

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    If you have the chance, travel to Mesquite and play Wolf Creek.
  2. Keith M

    I will also be in Vegas in September. Last time I played TPC Las Vegas. Fairways were a little shaggy, long in spots, but overall the course was in great condition and the staff were great.
  3. No'l

    As of right now, March, there aren't any scheduled aerations for many if not all courses in Las Vegas, according to a website who keeps up.

    Anyway, the Las Vegas Paiute Resort has 3 awesome courses and they rotate the course's aeration between their three course. That spot alone should be a good target if you're worried about aeration.

    Have fun!

  4. Hatch

    My vote for Paiute as well. I was a member there when I lived in Vegas a few years ago. They will be green all year and do not overseed.
  5. TeeJ

    I normally play Bear's Best when I go out to Vegas.
  6. Scott D

    If you are in vegas and do not mind driving 45 minutes east a must play is Coyote Springs. A Nicklaus course that will give all the challenge you need.
  7. Marc W

    I agree with Coyote Springs and I don't think they overseed.

    Paiute on the north end of town has three courses and doesn't aerate. And because its on Native American Land its always GREEN.... Also check Revere they have two courses and don't aerate them at same time.. A week before you you come to town repost this question, I will be able to give you an accurate layout of where to play. Maybe we can get a round in ? Madgolfer....hit'em straight
  9. Gabriel G

    What about the green fees? I heard that it can cost over $200.00 to play. That right?
  10. Hughie G

    i played TPC Las Vegas last year. slow play and a later tee time prevented from the last hole but the course was in great shape

    i'd also agree on going to Wolf Creek, it's on my list after my buddy played there two years ago
  11. Peter H

    Thanks for the info greatly appreciated, will be in town around the 22/23 september.
  12. Peter H

    Have had a few people mention Paiute, i have been looking at their website it looks sensational.
  13. golf.suLLy

    September is probably my least favorite month of the year for golf in LV. Most courses are either preparing for overseed so conditions often dry and less than stellar or coming out and it's cart path only while the grass is growing in. Options are out there like Paiute and Coyote Springs as well as some others that don't OS so all hope is not lost. 2016's Overseed Schedule to give an idea. Good luck!


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