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Keeping it Old School


I was searching around in some leaves for my ball and came across this little gem!

Does anyone else remember when these were the best balls on the market?  I was feeling a little old school gaming my Pro Platinum CT cover, so I rolled this rock a few times to get the whole throwback experience.  Titleist has really come a long way, and IMO, the Professional was the beginning.

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  1. Greg E

    I agree Josh... the Professional was my Titleist ball of choice until the ProV1 came out and even then it took me a while to convert.  Now I play the ProV1x exclusively!

  2. Jerry R

    Both great golf balls, however, nothing felt better than a solid struck persimmon driver on a Titliest Tour Balata 90.

  3. Greg E

    Wow... that is really "old school"...   Still have some persimmon woods ('69 & '70 Powerbilt's) but balata balls (playable) are long gone!

  4. James B

    You Can Never Go Wrong When Your Keeping it Old School :-)

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