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New ProV1x durability

James f

Yesterday I was finally able to finish an entire round using the same ball on every hole and posted an 83. I am extremely impressed with the durability of the new ball. hardly any scuffs or cuts. The ball performed extremely well and was really predictable in the wind which was 15-20mph. Around the greens the ball spun really well on well struck shots. 

Thanks Titleist for making an awesome product! I'm really impressed!

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  1. Jake C

    I also noticed the new Prov1x was much more durable.

  2. Christian J

    I have to agree.  I was saving my new Prov1x's for our first meet on Monday, and they were great.  They felt great, and my chips spun pretty well.  The best part is the durability of these new balls!  I was rotating between two, and neither one has a scuff on them.  I also liked the gray alignment arrows on them.  I know many people have been complaining about them, but I think there pretty cool.  Anyways, Titleist hit a homerun with these new balls, definitely won't be switching anytime soon.

  3. Joshua L

    With the exception of better wind performance and increased durability the 2013 ProV1x is performing exactly the same for me as the 2011. I am extremely happy with this.  

  4. Mike C

    Agree that the performance on the new PriV1x balls is pretty in line with the old but the durability has increased exponentially.  On the previous balls, whenever I had a full wedge shot into a green the ball would be toast afterwards.  Now, the balls don't automatically have the old familiar 2 or 3 lines from the wedge across them once I get to the green.  Great product!!

  5. scott a

    Yup, they're awesome! I've played almost two full rounds with one ball last week. Love this years ball. Great work on these guys! Worth every penny.


  6. Keano26

    James, I also found that the durability has improved, but I still believe progress can be made. I hit a brand new Prov1x out of the box with a 7 iron a few days ago, and when I looked at it, it had been cut up up the club grooves. I played another brand new Prov1x for 9 holes the day after, and it had 4 spots where the grooves had eaten it up. My wedges also continue to chop the ball up, not nearly as bad as the old provs, but I think it can get better.

  7. clayton t

    i think pro v1 x are awsome i have use 1 ball for 36 holes now i am staying out the rough more

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