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Fall golf ball selection

Matthew H

My home course is not known for its roll to say the least as it sits very low and gets a lot of water from the super. I also have a fairly high spin shot.  I hit my 1x about 235-240 of carry with the 8.75 910 (high but by no means ballooned) and am lucky to get any good roll out.  I am wondering as the NJ fall approaches, with the temperature drop, would switching to a different titleist ball provide a little more roll out to compensate for less carry in the colder temps. 

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  1. Justin C

    Most of the season I'll play the 1x, but when it gets cooler here (50's or colder) in the fall I'll switch to the regular v1.  I find I'll compress the ball easier, resulting in more carry with the softer core since the ball materials get firmer in the cold temperatures.  So if it's an open enough course, I'll sacrafice the lower spin for more distance.   That being said, I'm not sure if there are any Titleist balls that naturally have a lower ball flight resulting in more roll.

  2. Golf4evr

    I find that the using the same ball year round gives me the consistent play regardless of weather. Lay your pro v's on the dash by the defroster as you drive to the course in cold weather. Keep them in your pocket and rotate each hole. That way they stay warm and will give you the same feel throughout your round. I keep clubs and all equipment in the house in the cold or hot weather.
    Especially in the colder months. We play here down to the 40 degree weather. Another hint Is to use hand warmers in the pocket with your Pro v's or any ball. Cold is an enemy for golf balls, but your a step up against your opponents if you keep them warm and switch for a warmer ball each hole. If you remember, when its cold and damp and you spot your ball on the green it feels a lot colder just from the few minutes between holes. But I switch to a warm ball on the next tee and place the cold ball back by the warmer for the next hole. Try it. You will even hear the different sound off of your driver as to the difference in the warm and colder ball.

  3. Todd T

    To me it just seems easier to stay with one ball and adjust clubs to weather and temp.

  4. Chris92009

    Makes sense to keep the balls warmer so their materials are more easily able to travel farther... interesting discussion...thx

  5. john c


    This is what I do also. Great hint for those of us who play into the colder months. I live in Colorado Springs and I can usually play

    every month of the year here. But not to say that it doesn't get cold here.  Cool days but nice warm sun. Fairways and Greens.

    John  C

  6. tdogg21

    i will typically stay with the same ball.  i just keep in the back of my mind that it might perform different.  same as i do when it's wet out.  keeping them warm and rotating is probably not a bad idea.

  7. george t

    Last winter was the first season that I changed to a "cold weather ball".  I typically play the ProV1x, but given our season closes in November, I figured I didn't see the need to spend a few extra $, so I gave the Yellow NXT Tour S a play.  What I found, besides great visibility of where my ball was after the shot, was not much loss in distance, but much less stopping power on those chips around the green.  It was something I easily adjusted to, and by the time our season began again in April, I contemplated staying with the NXT Tour S.  But there is something about the ProV1x that just fits me very well.

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