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Testing golf balls

Jake P

Does titleist ever sent out golf balls for people to test and review?

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  1. James S

    Yes, indeed.  One time I received two sleeves.  One had blue dots and the other had blue circles.  No other markings at all. About a week ago I got a sleeve that had the usual Titleist script and a number 1 on them and "TEST" on the alignment logo.  In a few weeks I will receive an email with a link to a questionnaire about the TEST balls.  Quite often Titleist will send a sleeve as a thank you for participating.  It is definitely a good thing to be a member of Team Titleist! 

  2. Luke L

    I got some in the mail last week.  I haven't found out where to review them though.

  3. James S

    Luke L:  Titleist will send you an email in a couple of weeks and you'll get a link to a survey.  You'll review the balls online.  

  4. clayton t

    hi luke when i got mine this week there was a note that in 2 weeks they will email a link

  5. Kevin H

    Just received a sleeve of Optic Yellow with the "Test" alignment guide on them.  They have a different feel from the DT SoLo's and Pro V1's that I have at the house.  Will be curious to see how they perform.  I do like the feel and dimple pattern on them so far.

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