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Not all women play with "women's" clubs

Jessica P

I'm a 5'2 120lb women. As soon as a walk into a local sporting goods shop the salesman immediately wants to show me the newest flimsy shafted women's club. I feel that other women and men should know that all women are not all suited to hit women's clubs. The other day at my local pro shop a women came in for a new club and the guys that work there actually asked her how she hits the ball, how far etc. and suggested a men's club for her. She was dumbfounded that they would suggest a mens club for her. I reassured her that not all women use "women's" clubs. All my clubs in my bag are men's clubs and flexes. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this same experience or any added feedback. 

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  1. Lou G

    Some of these people should realize that LPGA golf pros (with quite a few being 5'2" tall and 120lb)  outhit about 90 percent of the male population.  A majority of them use stiff flex and probably a few even use x flex.

    I actually looped back in the Caddyshack era (1972) for an older woman that used men's clubs.

  2. Don O

    ...Why I don't buy golf clubs from a sporting goods store.

    I'm not 20-something, and while I am 5'10, I still have gray hair.  Until they find out I'm left-handed, they try to sell me the (RH) 46+ inch drivers in 9.5 degree with a stiff flex (just like their own).  Once they know I'm sinister, then they walk away.  No need to bother with the customer that won't be a quick sale.

    Certainly, the question was a rhetorical as asking if the male service manager takes advantage when a woman drops off a car. 

    You will note on the Titleist site under Golf Clubs there is a recommendation for a starting point for every golfer taller than a small child.  If you are a woman, there is a starting point, and a pro shop with a driving range will tailor a set to your swing.  Even with an LPGA at one box store, we still got trundled off to the freak show corner to pick a color bag/head covers and the clubs inside when my wife at 62 decided to take up golf this year.  How can the other OEM vendors be serious about women as golfers if the driver is only labeled a 1 (one) wood?

    While I did work hard to get her putter, irons, hybrids, and driver piecemeal better suited to her, if she gets/stays serious, we will visit the pro shop and compare what she has to Titleist.  Only because you can get fit, not color-matched, for your game.

  3. Ken W

    I've dealt as best I can with this common situation for almost 20 years and it's debated more today than ever as golf tries to maintain growth. There's no simple answer but I tell both ladies and men that I work with to know as much about YOUR game as possible. Once the person you're dealing with knows you are an avid golfer and what your preferences are in regards to equipment, working out the rest of the details like your fitting and specifications becomes much easier. Frankly, I don't see big retail golf shopping becoming any better for men or women. As a consumer you have to discriminate. You may find the perfect person you'll take all your business to working alongside a guy who has a poor work ethic and lousy personality! It's always worth it to talk to someone else, make a return visit, or check out another place. Professionals who do fittings are great too. They get more time to see your swing and talk about your game and goals. Remember, once you have your club specifications, you can order anything you want to. Best of luck!

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