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Help me understand 913 vs 910 adapters

Richard A

I have been searching everywhere for information and I am still confused.  It sounds like the 910 adapters will fit in the 913Ds but not in the 913F or H.  But will a 913F adapter will fit into a 910F?

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  1. Ken W

    You are correct in that the driver adapters are interchangeable. The fairways and hybrids are not because of some weight distribution they improved in the adapters. Titleist is offering an adapter exchange service if you have a trusted shaft in your 910 fairway or hybrid that you would like to use in the 913.

  2. Lars Peder K

    Is this "adapter exchange service"  a worldwide service ?



  3. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Lars,  The plan was for the UK and Denmark to offer the retipping service just as we are doing.  Please check with for all the details.

  4. Edd H

    What if i needed the reverse i would like a 910 adapter but i have a 913 can i send in the adapter in exchange for a 910 adapter?
  5. Ken W

    That won't be a common situation for Titleist but if you have an authentic 913 shaft that also comforms to their 910 shaft matrix, I'd think they would perform the exchange. Give them a call to confirm details. Also, you will most likely not receive the 913 adapter back.

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