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Glue-like material inside 910 d3 head

Chris T

Hoping someone can tell me what this is. The discussion about getting water in driver heads made me curious to check my own driver to see if I could see any rust inside from just normal play in wet conditions. I took out the weight screw in the back of the driver to look in and noticed some brown glue like stuff on the inside or the crown. I have had the driver for over a year but the material is not set and stuck to a golf tee when stuck inside. Just curious what this might be as it doesn't appear to be over any seam.



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  1. Ken W

    Absolutely normal. Metalwood heads are not cast in one piece. Usually the crown, body, and face are welded together after manufacture. A tacky material is swabbed inside in case a sliver of welding material in a seam is jarred loose by impact from use. It is then caught in the material and does not create a rattle.

  2. Cameron D


    That is what we consider "rat glue" or "hot melt".  This is used to fine tune the head weight as well as assist in the sound of the driver.  If this has come out of your driver, you may take it to any authorized Titleist retailer who can send it to our Repairs Department and have it replaced.



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