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Ap2 irons shaft


I just got ap2 irons and decided to check them out if they were real., tried to follow

the steps or the checklist you have and after putting magnet on the shafts, unfortunately

they did stick on the shafts. Please advise if these are fakes. All other signs seems to

be ok. 


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  1. Don O

    Bought new off the internet? 

    If you paid at least 10% under $120 a club, the price is most likely too good to be true. Used clubs are more variable in price and whether they are authentic.  If you paid $120+, and they turn out to be fake, you might want to stick to brick and mortar authorized retailers/pro shops.  Fortunately, the counterfit clubs tend to be "bargains" price-wise, so that flag exists.

  2. Norris

    EC; Don't know what checklist you're talking about, but a magnet will stick to any chrome plated shaft. Bought my AP1"s from  the pro shop at my local GC (they are an authorized Titleist dealer) and a magnet stuck to the shaft of my 5 iron.

  3. E C

    Thanks Norris! Actually, I checked out how to spot a fake on the net for titleist ap2 NS pro. And one of

    the methods mentioned was that if I tried to stick a magnet on the shaft, and if it did not stick. It would most

    probably be genuine. But all the other signs were good, serial number on the 6 iron etc...all in tact...However,

    magnet did stick on the shaft, guess web sources sometimes can be misleading. Thanks Norris.


  4. Norris

    You're very welcome EC. I would say that you most likely have the real thing, so go out there and enjoy them. I worked for a rechrome shop for several years and any chrome plated metal like your club shafts will be magnetic.(your magnet will also stick to the club head unless the head is stainless or alum.) Other than some exotic metals, Stainless, and aluminum are the only metals that won't stick to a magnet. If your magnet "did not" stick to the shaft, then I'd be worried. You've got a great set of Titleist irons there EC, so hit'um well and stay in the short grass. Really glad I could be some help to you, and thanks for the kind words.

    See Ya in the fairway EC;


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