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712U 2 Iron vs. 710 CB 2 Iron

Cal N

I have not had the opportunity to hit the 712U but I am interested in ordering one.  It would replace my current 2 iron which is a 710 CB.  I am curious if the 712U would have a noticeable increase in distance.  Does anyone have any experience with this?


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  1. Brad S

    I don't have any experience with the ole butter knife, but I would assume it would go farther.  My take was it would give a little more distance while keeping the feel of an iron vs a fairway wood.

  2. Jon E

    I own a 712u and 712cb both with DG x100 shafts. The 712u has a lighter feel compared to the 712cb and the shaft seems to play stiffer in the u. 712u has a slightly lower trajectory and tends to run out more than the cb. If you are thinking of getting one I suggest a slightly softer shaft for the 712u. I am putting a a DG s400 in mine right now. If you are looking for a driving type iron for off the tee, the 712u is fantastic. The 712u in my opinion is definitely longer. Hope this helps you decide.
  3. HawaiiMarine

    I purchased my 712u (#2) in June and it quickly became my go-to club on par 4 & 5's off the tee--EASILY!  I rarely hit my hybrid anymore ... The 712u is not like your typical 2 iron butter knife that many may fear it to be. It is considerably more forgiving due to the cavity back "insert" and yet there is no loss to distance. I have regularly been hitting on average 230 yards and have had it reach as long as 260 with rollout on a nice dry day. I can't speak highly enough about this club. One tip to remember--like any other club--if you maintain a solid base and steady head--swinging 80%, the ball will FLY!  I hope this helped ...

  4. Cal N

    Thank you for your input.  I also play the DG x100 shafts.  I have a very high ball flight and have a tendency to get a little too high and spinny so a lower trajectory is appealing to me.

    Thanks again

  5. HawaiiMarine

    Jon--I am using the sensicore s300's and really love them!!!  It all a matter of preference to feel and preferred shot trajectory.  

  6. dalton b

    Where/how did you purchase it? i cant find a place to buy it.

  7. Mitchell C

    Dalton,  I know you can order the 712U with customization online at, and   Hope this helps!    I have a 704CB 2 iron, and I love it.   On shorter par 4's, it is a go to for distance control and reliability, and I have great accuracy with it from about 235 out or so on par 5's.   I am a huge fan of the 2 iron, however it seems most people are going to the hybrid and driving iron type of set up.   I just prefer the workability that I get with a true "butter knife" 2 iron.    Let me know how the 712U works out,   It looks like a great playable option.   

  8. Guest U

    I'm a mini tour player and the 712u is a lot easier to get in the air than my 710 2 iron n it goes a lot farther hope this helps it's just a better club but get it with a steel shaft

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