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Woohoo, fitted for my AP2's at Oakland Hills


Yesterday was a great day. After finally giving up on the weather changing, I decided to get my rear in gear and get my fitting taken care of. Went to Oakland Hills CC yesterday and got it done. But while doing that, the pro (Steve) decided to take a couple looks at my swing and grip. Gotta tell ya, I was in awe at what he found and with a couple quick adjustments, my swing speed and trajectory is so much better I can barely contain myself. So, thanks Steve for your insight and congrats on your certification with TPI. That all being said, can't wait for them to show so I can start getting some of my money back due to it's gonna take a little time for the handicap to adjust (hehehe). Went with XP96 S300 shafts. Everything else is standard (because I'm a standard kinda guy-lol). Funny departure from the club yesterday. Steve asked if I was a rep for Titleist due to all the swag I was wearing. Lol. I wish, but I sure do look good. Thanks Team Titleist for dressing me yesterday.

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  1. Chris92009

    Hendy, Congrats!!  Sounds like a great set of was great seeing you last December at The Grande Del Mar however now with your new clubs you are going to kill me! Let us know when you get your new sticks!!

  2. Hendy

    Will do Chris. 

    gotta get you up here to play this summer. Let's keep in touch. 

  3. Hendy

    The precious cargo has arrived. They look so purdy. Now I need a range and some thawing and we are good to go 

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