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Ap1 716 xp90 r300.... just ordered

joey n


I got fitted and ordered 716 Ap1 irons 4-p I am currently using cally razr x with uniflex shafts .. I'm just a bit concerned I got the right shaft ..

My stats on computer with swing speed of 86mph with ap1 7 iron and carry of 165 ... I hit the reg shaft great but was convinced by pro I should go s300 rather than r300 ... I actually sort of know the pro and he's a good guy and was genuinely trying to help .

Anyway my clubs turned up today ... but with the wrong shafts in !! They came regular... I was tempted to keep them ... but obviously sent them back ... just made me think if the r300 would be better after all ...

I've been told uniflex and xp90 s300 will be very similar...

Looking forward to getting them ...

Thanks for any advice

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  1. Barry B

    Did you hit both shafts or just the r300, hard to tell from your write up. If you did hit both, how did your numbers compare...were they better with the s300 or r300? Your 165 carry is nice, which shaft was that with?
  2. joey n

    The r300 but I think the other was the same .. it was a few weeks ago now ..
    I’m sure they will fine ..
    I can’t really feel too much difference when trying them ..
    I’m guessing a few rounds to get used ..
    I was told the R300 xp90 are actually less still than my current uni flex !

    I’m guessing it will be another week or so because they are getting sent back ..
  3. Barry B

    Best of luck with them. Let us know how they are performing for you when you can get to the range/course after they arrive.
  4. Eric C

    The Cally uniflex is closer to stiff than regular, Topgolf uses uniflex Cally clubs, just my observation. I have 716 AP1 4-W2 xp90 regular flex and the ladies Topgolf club shafts are more similar to those. My 7 iron stock swing is 140.
  5. joey n

    Hi guys ,
    I went for another fit today !
    To make sure ..
    And decided to go with regular 300,
    Iv just played and they felt great ..
    I had no differences between the two shafts on the shot tracer .. which was strange ..
    So decided to go with with reg .. as my stats were right on limit ..
    But it’s not all about stats !
    Happy with them .. felt great
  6. Dave N

    Don't think you will be disappointed . Congrats.
  7. Steve S

    Best of luck with your new club's Joey n. There is nothing like getting fit for a set of new Titleist clubs!
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  8. Titleist U

    I got the AP1 with that shaft last month and love it. Ball jumps off the face with little effort. I had to swallow my ego but so happy i did.
  9. WAYNE S

    I am 66 and switched several years ago from Stiff shafts to Regular shafts. I used to hit an eight iron 150-155 with the stiff shafts. When I went to regular shafts I lost 10-15 yards per club. Played the regular shafts for several years, but was frustrated because of the distance loss. So I just ordered new irons with the s300 DG shafts in them and my distance is back. I am convinced that the distance loss was because of the switch in my shaft and not my age.
  10. Dwayne N

    that's the main thing are you happy with the feel and performance? I was fit for reg. in 2016 and had always played stiff and was reluctant to change but I am so glad I did listen to my fitter playing the best golf of my life. Stiff in woods and hybrids yet reg in irons go figure.
  11. joey n

    I think it’s more about how you feel rather than numbers ..
    1st time I got fitted , the regular r300 felt better eventhough all my stats pointed to stiff ..
    So I when I went for a refit my swing speed was a bit down for some reason , which convinced me regular was right choice ..
    Both were fine ..

    Anyway main thing is the clubs seem great ,
    Cheers for feedback guys

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