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Finding the correct iron shaft

Robert D

Interested in opinions on the correct way to select the right iron shaft.  Went to an iron fitting, once we got beyond the shaft length and a need for a more upright lie angle the only thing the fitter seemed interested in was the swing speed.  We tried numerous shafts and hit 6-8 balls with each shaft.  The fitter picked the shaft based on which shaft i swung consistently the same speed.  By consistently I mean +/- 1mph of each swing through the 6-8 shots with each shaft.  If the swing speed changed 2-3 mph that shaft was eliminated.  Wondering if anyone had a fitting based so much on swing speed and is this a common way of choosing the correct shaft?

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  1. John L

    um there is a small amount of practicality in that. and that is consistency. I'm sure he was also looking at fed back like how did the club feel or looking at your shot dispersion. you have to remember the keep to golf is consistency. if you know what a club will dot 90 percent of the time then you can chose that club correctly. if your only looking at the potential a club has then your playing a guessing game. Hopefully that shaft that was the most consistent also was the most consistent with ball dispersion.

  2. Cameron D


    Where were you fit?  There are shafts that will allow players to generate optimal club head speed without sacrificing optimal launch conditions, but the added club head speed will be minimal.  You want to make sure you don't sacrifice any consistency when looking for a shaft that will gain you club head speed.  



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