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Swing Weights

Kevin Y

I've noted a few concerns of late regarding swing weights in the 712 irons (particularly those related to irons fitted with KBS Tour Shafts).  Not to start a redundant thread, but since I'm planning on making some purchases in the near future, I was hoping Club Concierage could help me with the following information:

Approximate Swing Weight of 712 MBs fitted with Project X PXi 6.5 (softstepped once); Approximate Swing Weight of Vokey SM4 (54 and 58 or 60) fitted with standard Project X 6.0.

I believe the PXi comes in at 117 grams (6.5) and the standard Project X comes in at 120 grams (6.0).  Both of these shafts are approximately 7 to 12 grams lighter than the stock DG S300/S200.  So if the swing weight is moved a few points from the stock D2 (MBs) and D5 (SM4s), should heavier heads be requested if the stock swing weight is desired?


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  1. Cameron D


    The 712 MB with the PXi 6.5 shafts will swing weight out to standard D2, assuming there aren't any length or grip adjustments.  The SM4 wedges with the Project X shafts will swing weight out 1/2 point lighter then standard.  This being said, if you are looking to keep the swing weights at standard, then just make sure to put that request in with the golf shop you ordered these through.

    Let us know if you have any other questions about these swing weights.



  2. Jose I

    I also have a question concerning PXi vs S300 shafts.

    For the last 3 years I have been playing a set of Titleist 735 CM irons, which I have been very happy with however they are getting pretty nicked-up. I would like to replace the 735’s with a similar combo set of muscle back (MB) P-7 and cavity back (CB) 6-4. 

    I want my new set of irons to be one degree stronger loft for a little increased distance and to better match my preferred wedge lofts.  I recognize that decreasing the loft will create a lower ball flight, therefore I was thinking of getting the project X PXi shaft to replace my existing Dynamic Gold S300’s.  My thinking is that going towards a lighter shaft will increase ball flights and compensate for the stronger lofts. 

    Is this too much compensation?  Will the PXi shafts be significantly lighter than the S300 thereby losing the “feel” of the club?

     Any feedback would be greatly appreciated it.


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