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How to measure tip size

Jimmy Lee

I purchased a Attas Elements 85 HS Hybrid shaft which is to be a.370 tip, I have also purchased a OEM Titleist  sure fit adapter sleeve which is also supposed to be a .370 for a hybrid shaft. The adapter and ferrel is so tight and will not go on to the shaft. Can someone tell me how I could measure the tip of the shaft and the inside diameter of the adapter to determine the actual size ?

I did purchase the adapter sleeve from ebay and would have to say that the size is not really a .370 sleeve. Even with the clearcoat and paint removed from the shaft, I highly doubt that the ferrel and adapter will fit.


Jimmy Lee

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  1. Cameron D


    To measure the tip of the shaft you will need to use a golf shaft identification gauge, which slips over the tip of the shaft indicating the diameter.  Our Surefit adapters for our hybrids are designed to handle a .370 parallel tip shaft.  Know that all of our custom shaft can be purchased individually through a retailer, and will come fully equipped with a Surefit adapter already installed.



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