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Daniel D

The new AP1 irons show being able to adjust the loft by 2 degrees plus or minus, but only show that for 6-PW. Does that mean the loft can't be adjusted on the 5 iron??

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  1. H823PUTT

    I didn't think the loft could be adjusted ... the lie? maybe ... Try hooding your club to decrease the loft ( hit it farther)

  2. Don O

    All Titleist irons and wedges can be adjusted in loft or lie by +/- 2 degrees.  Lie can be +4/-2 at time of order when Titilest makes a +2 degree head.  Most will only adjust a wedge or a couple of irons to adjust distance gaps in their sets.

  3. Daniel D

    So if I wanted to adjust all clubs (5-PW) 2 degrees strong they wouldn't do all of them??
  4. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Daniel,  Don is right - all iron models and all iron lofts can be adjusted 2° strong if you desired.

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